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Stone Tower

Why a Phoenix?
A Phoenix represents rebirth, renewal,  transformation, permanence, inventiveness and the sacredness of life.

Phoenix Health Consulting focuses on total body transformation, mind and body, to help those who want to change their health and develop a lifestyle of optimal health and wellbeing. Let's get TRANSFORMED!

Sitting on Rock


Life is busy! Life happens! It's crazy, it's busy, it's a series of events, of happenings, celebrations and tragedies, but we go on. 

Are you reacting to life or acting in life? Are you consciously involved in your life as it happens by you and with you or are you blaming others about the things that are happening to you?

Take in the moments of life and enjoy them. Be conscious of your reactions, stop and take a breath. Challenge yourself to pause and think about the situation, the moment, take it in and decide what is next. Then choose.

Stop.Challenge.Choose. Doing this helps you to move through life being conscious of your life and taking control of yourself to make the choices that help you move forward towards the life you want to live.



Pam Parchim, MS, ATC, CEAS, AOEAS


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