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About Me

Masters in Nutrition, Health Coach, 

Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer

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My Story

My story might sound similar to yours.  I was an exerciser all my life, which worked to keep me fit and healthy in my youth, but as I got older, exercise wasn't always easy to fit into my busy life and what I was able to get it wasn't keeping the weight from creeping on pound by pound.


I tried just about ever diet out there, from juicing, to keto, counting calories, researching supplements, but  nothing worked long term. I would lose a few pounds initially, but it what I was doing wasn't sustainable.

I was tired of feeling sluggish and heavy and was embarrassed to go out in public because I felt so uncomfortable in my clothes. I never wanted to be in photos and hated looking in the mirror. I really did not like myself.

I was just about to throw in the towel yet again, giving up all hope of every achieving my weight loss goal when I decided to reach out to a friend who I saw was successful losing weight as my last hope.  I decided that I was worth investing in myself this one last time to finally ask for help and accept the help and actually spend money on myself and my health for once.


6 months later, I achieved my goal weight! NO WAY did I think this would work. No supplements, no removing macronutrients (fats or carbs), just following science! The biggest transformation was my MINDSET! I had a new relationship with food and being a nicer person to myself.


Now, I'm paying it forward to share my experience and the program with anyone who really wants to make a change that is not a diet by a lifestyle change, because who wants to gain the weight back? Not me!!


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