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Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself and those you care about! It is the foundation of optimal health and wellbeing to support long-term health!

Studies have shown that being at a health weight can:

  • Increase longevity

  • Improve the quality of life

  • Slow the aging process

  • Give you more energy

  • Improve your mental health

  • Improve your work performance

  • Improve your sleep

  • Lower your blood pressure

  • Lower your cholesterol and triglycerides

  • Lower your risk for heart attack and stroke

  • Lower your blood sugar

  • Eliminate insulin resistance

  • Lower your risk for developing diabetes or even reverse it's progression

  • Lower your risk for liver and gallbladder disease

  • Lower your risk for varicose veins, DVT and blood clots

  • Help you breathe better

  • Eliminate sleep apnea

  • Lessen lung disease symptoms

  • Lower your risk of getting arthritis or relieving arthritic pain

  • Reducing the need for medication

  • Increases the chances of becoming pregnant/improves fertility

Just a 10% reduction in your weight lowers your risk of disease by over 50%!


What would you do with a healthy body? What types of activities would you do that you aren't currently doing because of your weight or your health?  

Healthy Body

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